About Shaving Yeti

Everyone needs a little fellowship, but it’s tough to gather ’round when it comes to talking about your grooming routine. That’s how the boys at The Shaving Yeti came together.
Through the magic of the Internet, a bunch of friends got together for wings, beer and an opportunity to pass around various shaving products. Then one of us got the bright idea to make our own.
Oh boy, did we create a monster.
But we like him well enough, even if his snot’s an interesting shade of green. Once word got out that we started making soaps — and they weren’t all that bad — The Shaving Yeti took off in a way we never imagined.
We like to think our fans come to us initially because of our quirky names for our wares, but we hope they stick around because they like what we make. We wouldn’t give you anything we didn’t put on our own faces.
That said, have fun and drop us a line. After all, you’re why we’re here at all.

The Shaving Yeti